Thursday, February 04, 2010

I May Have Gypsy Blood

Last year I spent some time on tracing my family tree and Jim's. Okay, Jim is part Cherokee, and I really wanted to see if we could document this. No, I was not angling for a casino check to support my writing habit.

Anyway, I found no evidence of gypsy blood on my side of the family, but there was one branch I couldn't trace past four generations, even though we ordered the DNA test that was supposed to put you in touch with your dead relatives.

I'm now thinking perhaps these folks were gypsies...nomads...vagabonds.

Because I am loving this mobile life style. We're headed home tomorrow, and I DON'T WANT TO GO. The Hilton Garden Inn and/or a Hampton Inn now feels more like home to me than my own house. I have the system down here. And I don't ever have to clean or cook...


Maybe we'll sell the house and just live in hotels. They even have a party room for Karaoke night...

I wish this didn't appeal to me so much.


Rebecca said...

I hear ya. And I don't blame you one. Single. Bit.

elysabeth said...

Gypsy blood - how fun. I'm sure we all have a little bit in us. My brother and his wife had been working on our family tree and I've known for years that we were related to Jackie Kennedy (changed the spelling of last names - ours is Boisvert and hers is Bouvair) but we are also related to two other presidents and possibly some other big names as well. But I think anyone who can trace back to coming over on one of the infamous ships probably has gypsy blood in them. Keep digging. You nevver know what you will find - E :)