Thursday, April 08, 2010

Somebody Gets It

I accidentally turned on Dr. Phil yesterday. Nothing against Dr. Phil, I'm sure he's a great guy and all, but I  don't do daytime TV. But, I'd stayed up far too late reading, slept in, and, as is my custom, I flipped on the TV while I had breakfast. I was outside my usual time slot for breakfast. Typically the news is on. That's a whole nother rant.

I was fumbling--pre-coffee, mind you--with the remote, trying to turn the channel, when I heard this guy say, "I tried that low-carb diet. I snapped."

He had my attention. I have SO been there. Several times, in fact.

I squinted at the sign for the day's episode. "The Ultimate Fat Debate."

Oh. Dear. Tara.

They had my attention.

The guy who was undone by the low carb diet turned out to be a comedian, John Pinette. This guy is FUNNY, and he is so after my own heart. Talking about his personal trainer he says, "I don't do ups. Sit ups, push-ups, chin-ups... I do downs. I can sit down, lie down...gimme a cheeseburger, I''ll wolf it down..." Some of his clips are available online. In another clip from this routine, he says, (as I have often maintained to The Queen of Pain herself) "Ups defy gravity. Gravity is a law, and I obey the law."

Aside from the comedian, Dr. Phil had a panel, and I gotta say, they weren't nearly as entertaining. Although, there were a few places where I thought they were going to go all Jerry Springer. That trainer chick from The Biggest Loser, was on, along with some guy with a shirt that said "No Chubbies." They were squaring off against a group of VOLUPTOUS women from groups like The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. These women were (justifiably) NOT HAPPY with the chap in the "No Chubbies" shirt. I couldn't look away.

But, I did hie me to Jazzercise yesterday, and defied gravity one more time.

Peace, out...



Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thanks for my morning giggle!

The Queen of Pain said...

Betty lucked out that there was no reference to Dale Earnhardt in your post. :-)

Bob Strother said...

I can't understand why any Guy would be against chubbies. They're one of my favorite things.


Susan M. Boyer said...

You, Bob, are a man of obvious good taste...and a gentleman and a scholar, as I have often maintained. :)

Anonymous said...

OH I wish I had seen the show. How is it they never say No Skinnies huh huh!

Yeah I have tried but not been successful out of doing push-ups but at least I don't have to wear leg weights although I know someone who TRIED and Tried to get me too :-)

Dale, Dale WHO?

Susan M. Boyer said...

Betty, even I know who Dale Earnhardt is. But I'm with you on the golf thing. I just don't see it as a spectator sport. But, I hear the scenery is very nice. :)

Valerie Keiser Norris said...

Loved John Pinette myself. His "I obey the law" line is priceless. I saw the show in question and you're right, it was a little Jerry Springer. Not Dr. Phil's usual. Hope it's not a sign of things to come on his show. I already can't watch on Mondays because the Dr. Phil Family (a family he's worked on for years with absolutely no effect) is insane.

Enjoyed your blog!