Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's A Cheer For Pot Stirrers Everywhere!

I live in Greenville County District 18. I voted for Tony Trout 4 times in the last election (I think--but I may have lost count). Three times in the primary and once in the general election. He is one of a handful of politicians large and small that I voted for and am still happy with. (That is not to say I would change my vote in other races if I could--only that I'm not completely satisfied with some of our other public servants.)

Tony has been stirring pots ever since he took office and I just love it! This country was founded by boat rockers, pot stirrers and rebels of every stripe. And like most folks who challenge the status quo, he has gotten his share of bumps and knocks. I say, "Way to go Tony! Keep right on looking under rocks. And if you ever need a citizen to request any information that the County Administrator won't cough up (but according to his quote in yesterday's Greenville News would still be available to Jane Q. Public under the Freedom of Information Act) give me a call. I'm in the book. I'll be glad to inquire."

It has been my experience that when folks are trying their hardest to make you look bad, you're asking questions they don't want to answer. Questions that probably need to be asked. And it takes considerable stockpiles of grit to live in the Greer area and shine the light in some of the places he's been poking around. Keep up the good work!

All y'all in Greenville County District your local Councilman.

Peace, out...

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