Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beautiful Inside and Out

Friday Morning I over slept--due to studying great literature late into the night--but managed to drag my sorry tush to Myra's class (9:20). Myra, who discovered quite accidentally that she has been blogged, professed feeling pressure to perform, but delivered her usual entertaining fare. I should also mention, for the record, that, like all of the other instructors at the Taylors Jazzercise Center, Myra is--in addition to her talents with colorful language--also obnoxiously gorgeous. Inside and out. She's not like one of those blind dates that you go on where the person fixing you up tells you what a great personality the other party has (code for homely at best).

And I have to tell y'all, Myra, in addition to all her other many talents, is quite intellectual. I have learned a lot from Myra. Especially in he area of human biology (I'm sure there's a fancier name for that, but I don't have time to find it). Before taking Myra's class, for example, I was completely ignorant of the following body parts: side-butt, over-hang, and glootey-patootey. We work those parts on a regular (and painful) basis.

Something else I've learned is a completely new language. Myra is fond of Latin music. She loves to dance with a rose in her teeth. And if she doesn't understand the lyrics, she sings them in Myra-ese. I'm still working on the finer points of this modern linguistic marvel, but it seems to be a cross between Spanish and Southernese.

I'm telling y'all: there is simply no place you get more for your exercise dollar than at Taylors Jazzercise Center. Give it a try. Maybe I'll see you there. If I haven't over slept.


elysabeth said...


I think you have had your run of bad luck for a lifetime - seems every time you get something good going, three things bad happen to you - so here's wishing you nothing but roses and daisies and all the nice, clean fun stuff for the following months of the year - no more bad omens and luck to you- I've zapped them all away - lol - E :)

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